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Looking for some help.....

If anyone can provide some help, please do.

I'm currently perplexed by the type of transmission that was installed in the car. Several years ago I went to buy a filter and told the person at the parts counter that I had a Pontiac with a 2 speed automatic. He said it was a Power Glide and sold me the filter. When I pulled the pan off I discovered that is was not a Power Glide (due to the fact that the filter obviously didn't fit), which lead me to some investigation. After some research I was told that it was a T.H. 300 transmission which was built by Buick and used in some Pontiacs. If anybody out there has the answer or could confirm this for me I would be very grateful.

Currently the car has the standard drum brakes installed. This is one thing I really want to change. Over the years I've been pricing disk brake conversion kits in different catalogs and restoration companies. It seems the average price is around $1000.00 or so. Now if I have to, I'll pay it, but I believe that there might be a better more economical way. If anyone has a lead on someone else that has a set for sale, please let me know.

I have quarter panels purchased and waiting to be hung when I get the time and money, but I have to replace the front fenders as well. Rather than use steel fenders, I'm searching for fiber glass fenders instead. I know it isn't "stock", but it won't rust.